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There's deep Skill and Tech Trees in Pixel Privateers. Advance your knowledge and conquer: Gain awesome new skills, Abilities, and Technologies as you research alien Artifacts. Train and advance individual crew members by enhancing their stats and collecting better Gear!

Each Mercenary gets access to three different abilities or skills that complement their class and enhance their proficiency in combat. Starting out you'll only have one active skill. As you research the various Technology you'll make progress to unlocking the next active skill, Up to three different skills in total for each class. Depending on your weapon choice these skills may change.

Tool Skills are tied to the tool a mercenary is using which ultimately determines what class that character is. [Most] Tool Skills can be toggled to be used automatically or not.

Engineer[edit | edit source]

Type Name Icon Description Cooldown Notes
Tool Weapon Jammer The weapon of the targeted enemy becomes jammed and is unusable for a short period of time. Can't be used on melee weapons.
Tool MultiTurret A tool which summons a stationary turret.
Tool MultiBot A tool which summons a stationary defensive helper bot.
Tool Assault Drones Launches an assault drone or drones which start attacking nearby enemies.
Active Hacking Hack locked doors, mechanical enemies, or mines.
Active Smoke Bomb Deploys a smoke bomb which covers the landing party. Entities behind or inside the smoke cover can't be targeted.
Active EMP Incapacitate nearby electronic devices (Enemies, drones, turrets) for 5s.

Marine[edit | edit source]

Type Name Icon Description Cooldown Notes
Tool Grenades A small explosive device which can be thrown at enemies. Explodes on contact.
Tool Nerve Gas Aerosol Sprays the enemy with potent nerve gas agent which reduces the target's movement and reload speed and fire rate by 40% and also does corrosive damage over time.
Tool Haste Field Increases the fire rate of every friendly entity within the haste field. When used, removers all movement impairing effects from characters within the field.
Tool Automatic Reloader Assist the marine in reloading the main weapon with new ammunition. When used, reloads the weapon with triple the ammo.
Active Crushing Blow Massive damage swing. Applie 400% damage to the target and leaves a +5% damage debuff. Requires 3 Strike Combinations. One melee weapon equipped
Active Dual Strike Attacks the target with both weapons. Applies 200% damage to the target and leaves an overwhelming debuff. Requires 3 Strike Combinations. Two melee weapons equipped
Active Cleave One or two melee weapons equipped: Inflicts AoE damage to closeby targets. Requires 4 Strike Combinations. Melee weapons equipped
Active Overload Shot Overload the weapon and fires a powerful shot dealing 300% weapon max damage. Damage splashes to nearby enemies. Requires 4 Strike Combinations. One ranged weapon equipped
Active Rapid Fire Two ranged weapons equipped: Quickly unleashes one clip worth of bullets on the target with 150% damage increase. Requires 5 Strike Combinations. Two ranged weapons equipped
Active Suppressive Fire Protects crew members behind the marine with suppressive fire reducing damage taken by 50%. Requires 3 Strike Combinations. One or two ranged weapons equipped
Active Battle Frenzy Removes and blocks incapacitating status effects for 10s. Heals nearby allies for 10% of the total health.

Medic[edit | edit source]

Type Name Icon Description Cooldown Notes
Tool Nanobot Injector Injects the target organism with nanosized bots which heal it slowly over time.
Tool M-Phase Booster Boosts cell division rate of nearby friendly units considerably. Some of the health of the targets is recovered as a result.
Tool Defibrillator Brings dead crew members back to life. Each consecutive defibrillation shortens the time window in which resurrection is still possible.
Tool Tissue Repairer Instantly heal target organism after a short build up.
Active Calming Whisper Medic loses all aggro for ten(10) seconds.
Active Pain Suppression Reduces all damage to target entity by 90%.
Active Pressure Release Release excess pressure from an M-Phase Booster which causes AoE knockback. M-Phase Booster equipped
Active Mutagenic Stream Makes healing 80% less effective for the target. If the target recieves enough healing, a tumor will spawn and attack the target. Nanobot Injector equipped
Active Electric Discharge An electric discharge from a defibrillator which paralyzes closeby enemies for 3s. Defibrilaltor equipped
Active Deadly Mass Prevents affected enemy from being revived. Can only be used by Medics. Field is able to increase the damage of one shot per second. Tissue Repairer equipped

Scout[edit | edit source]

Type Name Icon Description Cooldown Notes
Tool Target Marker Gives every crew member a bonus to hit rating(Chance to hit) when attacking the scout's current target.
Tool Biocidal Suppressor Lowers threat generated by the scout by 50%. Has a 30% chance to inflict a poisonous damage over time effect on non-mechanical targets lowering effectiveness of heals by 50%.
Tool Bullet Amplifying Tool Deploys a damage-increasing force-field in front of the scout. The field must be manually activated and de-activated.
Tool Holoprojector Projects holographic decoys resembling the scout. The decoys will attack the scout's target generating a lot of threat.
Active Assassinate Single massive damage hit to the selected target. If used from stealth, turns into an Ambush shot which increases damage by 200%.
Active Stealth Turns the character invisible. While using Stealth, the character can not be seen by enemies and can not attack.
Active Tranquilizer Dart Puts a single target at a time to sleep until attacked. Tranquilizer Dart can be used while cloaked.

Vanguard[edit | edit source]

Type Name Icon Description Cooldown Notes
Tool Kinetic Shield Has a chance to block frontal attacks and protects crew members which are positioned behind the shield wielding vanguard.
Tool Assault Frame A full body protective suit which makes the vanguard charge toward an enemy at a very high speed. Knocks back and damages all the enemies in the way.
Tool Dome Shield Shields nearby crew members under a small energy dome which absorbs a shield specific portion of the incoming damage.
Tool Microwave Shield A shield which emits microwave radiation hurting enemies within the area.
Tool Prolate Shield Creates a small absorb shield on the target which protects it from incoming attacks for 10s or until a shield specific amount of damage is absorbed.
Active Universal Profanophone Taunt all nearby enemies, causing them to aggro. (Cyborgs have feelings that get easily hurt when yelled at.)
Active Tractor Beam Pulls the target towards the vanguard constantly. (A prolonged 'GET OVER HERE' move.)
Active Second Wind User gains a health increase of 50% for 15s.