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Marines are one of the playable classes in Pixel Privateers. Marines are one of your main damage dealers with many abilities which change depending on what kind of weapons are equipped. Due to the ability to equip two 1-handed weapons, marines are the only class which does not require a tool to switch to.

Abilities[edit | edit source]

Type Name Icon Description Cooldown Notes
Tool Grenades A small explosive device which can be thrown at enemies. Explodes on contact.
Tool Nerve Gas Aerosol Sprays the enemy with potent nerve gas agent which reduces the target's movement and reload speed and fire rate by 40% and also does corrosive damage over time.
Tool Haste Field Increases the fire rate of every friendly entity within the haste field. When used, removers all movement impairing effects from characters within the field.
Tool Automatic Reloader Assist the marine in reloading the main weapon with new ammunition. When used, reloads the weapon with triple the ammo.
Active Crushing Blow Massive damage swing. Applie 400% damage to the target and leaves a +5% damage debuff. Requires 3 Strike Combinations. One melee weapon equipped
Active Dual Strike Attacks the target with both weapons. Applies 200% damage to the target and leaves an overwhelming debuff. Requires 3 Strike Combinations. Two melee weapons equipped
Active Cleave One or two melee weapons equipped: Inflicts AoE damage to closeby targets. Requires 4 Strike Combinations. Melee weapons equipped
Active Overload Shot Overload the weapon and fires a powerful shot dealing 300% weapon max damage. Damage splashes to nearby enemies. Requires 4 Strike Combinations. One ranged weapon equipped
Active Rapid Fire Two ranged weapons equipped: Quickly unleashes one clip worth of bullets on the target with 150% damage increase. Requires 5 Strike Combinations. Two ranged weapons equipped
Active Suppressive Fire Protects crew members behind the marine with suppressive fire reducing damage taken by 50%. Requires 3 Strike Combinations. One or two ranged weapons equipped
Active Battle Frenzy Removes and blocks incapacitating status effects for 10s. Heals nearby allies for 10% of the total health.

Tech[edit | edit source]

To come later