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In Pixel Privateers send your team of Mercenaries through a mysterious wormhole on a quest to gather Technology for your employer. In a twist of fate, your journey becomes a one-way ticket – with an entire galaxy of Worlds to explore, Factions to encounter, and epic Gear to collect. Will you make it back home, make your mark in this new universe, or become another victim of the many Dangers of the cosmos? Ultimately, how your story plays out is up to you!

Your Squad[edit | edit source]

Your squad in Pixel Privateers consists of 2-8 crew members. You begin with 2 crew members, and can clone or hire additional crew as you progress in the game. In multiplayer game play, you can team up with up to 3 other players to form up a squad. It should be noted that the maximum number of crew members is 8, and the division of those among co-op partners is determined by the players. For example, you can choose to bring 4 of your own crew, and have a second player bring a squad of 4. The team screen will display what squad members your friends are bringing along, allowing you to choose members that compliment the rest of your team.