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Scout is a class a playable class for your characters in Pixel Privateers. Scouts fill the role of dealing damage and exploring for your party, they can stealth and check out a room before making your decisions for combat.

Abilities[edit | edit source]

Type Name Icon Description Cooldown Notes
Tool Target Marker Gives every crew member a bonus to hit rating(Chance to hit) when attacking the scout's current target.
Tool Biocidal Suppressor Lowers threat generated by the scout by 50%. Has a 30% chance to inflict a poisonous damage over time effect on non-mechanical targets lowering effectiveness of heals by 50%.
Tool Bullet Amplifying Tool Deploys a damage-increasing force-field in front of the scout. The field must be manually activated and de-activated.
Tool Holoprojector Projects holographic decoys resembling the scout. The decoys will attack the scout's target generating a lot of threat.
Active Assassinate Single massive damage hit to the selected target. If used from stealth, turns into an Ambush shot which increases damage by 200%.
Active Stealth Turns the character invisible. While using Stealth, the chracter can not be seen by enemies.
Active Trainquilizer Dart Puts a single target at a time to sleep until attacked. Tranquilizer Dart can't be used while cloaked.

Techs[edit | edit source]

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