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Vanguard is a class a playable class for your characters in Pixel Privateers who fills the tank role for your landing party. A sturdy fighter who can take a beating and protect others from damage. Generate 30% more aggro than other classes. Taunts enemies when attacking, making them attack the vanguard instead.

Abilities[edit | edit source]

Type Name Icon Description Cooldown Notes
Tool Kinetic Shield Has a chance to block frontal attacks and protects crew members which are positioned behind the shield wielding vanguard.
Tool Assault Frame A full body protective suit which makes the vanguard charge toward an enemy at a very high speed. Knocks back and damages all the enemies in the way.
Tool Dome Shield Shields nearby crew members under a small energy dome which absorbs a shield specific portion of the incoming damage.
Tool Microwave Shield A shield which emits microwave radiation hurting enemies within the area.
Tool Prolate Shield Creates a small absorb shield on the target which protects it from incoming attacks for 10s or until a shield specific amount of damage is absorbed.
Active Universal Profanophone Taunt all nearby enemies, causing them to aggro. (Cyborgs have feelings that get easily hurt when yelled at.)
Active Tractor Beam Pulls the target towards the vanguard constantly. (A prolonged 'GET OVER HERE' move.)
Active Second Wind User gains a health increase of 50% for 15s.

Techs[edit | edit source]

To come later